Experience the vast and magnificent nature and rich culture of Hokkaido.

Representatives from the adventure travel industry come together at the Adventure Travel World Summit each year. Last year, the 2021 edition was held virtually, from the 20th to the 24th of September. The Virtual Summit was hosted by Hokkaido.

We have set up 15 model courses, mainly winter courses, that allow you to discover and make the most of Hokkaido’s wonders. Experience the vast and magnificent nature and rich culture of Hokkaido.

Miraculous Nature-Wildlife observation in East Hokkaido with Master Guide

If you’re interested in Wildlife observation, this extraordinary tour definitely will be an excellent choice!

Exploring Akan & Shiretoko in Winter Drift Ice Walking, Snowshoe Hiking, Cycling on Ice & Ainu Culture Walks

Experience outdoor activities unique to winter in the two national parks of Shiretoko and Akan Mashu.

Winter Hokkaido: Snow & Water Multisport in Lake Shikotsu and Niseko (Hiking/Skiing)

Enjoy everything a Hokkaido winter has to offer at Shikotsu-Toya National Park and Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru Kaigan Quasi-national Park.

Backcountry Skiing in Niseko and Ezo-Fuji (Yoteizan)

On this tour, you will be settled in a comfortable accommodation in Niseko, then enjoy guided backcountry skiing at various natural slopes in Niseko mountains for two days, and finally get tackled a 1,500 meter slope of Yoteizan.

Backcountry Skiing in the Roof of Hokkaido Daisetsuzan and Tokachi-Dake

On this tour, we do skiing above tree-lines and in-forest slope called ‘The world’s best spot’ by back-country ski enthusiasts.

Winter Adventure in Akan, Hidden Lakes and Volcanoes

The tour is included unique activities such as ski touring on hidden lakes and climbing two mountains of Mt. O-Akan and Mt. Me-Akan, the extinct volcano and active so respectively.

Lake Shikaribetsu Snowshoe & Cross-Country Ski

Experience the world of ice by snowshoeing and cross-country skiing around Lak Shikaribestsu.

Heli & Side Country Skiing on the Powder Snow of Rusutsu & Niseko

Fully enjoy skiing in Hokkaido’s powder snow area, which boasts the world’s No. 1 snow quality!

Coexistence with Rare Wildlife – East Hokkaido Winter Observation Tour

We will experience the Hokkaido winter wildlife as you never did before through the both unique “coexistence of traditional fishing and wildlife” and “wildlife ecology observation on a fishing boat.”

Daisetsu Area – Nature and Snowshoeing 5-Day Tour

All along this adventure tour we will visit limestone caves that was created immemorial time ago, the fumaroles of Kamuy-mintar (Mt. Asahidake) which can be seen only in winter, the beautiful bright Blue River, and the Ainu sacred site of Mt.Arashiyama.

Dog Sledding at Winter Camp in Tokachi 4-Day Tour

We will not only enjoy the dog sledding experience but also deepen our relationship with nature and animals through mutual aid with our team’s dogs.

Hike & Kayak in Okushiri Island: 5-Day Guided Tour

Experience a deep adventure in a corner of Japan that tourists never visit while enjoying outdoor recreation such as hiking, kayaking and biking.

Tectonic Plates Movement in the Hidaka Mountains, 4-Day Geological Observation Tour

On this tour led by a local nature guide and a curator, we will observe the strata of the canyon formed by the flow of the river and look for the tectonic plate motion.

Stay at an Ice Lodge Igloo at Lake Shikaribetsu Ice Village – Full Enjoyment of Tokachi’s Winter Wonderland!

The tour is designed with a focus on geo tourism and the enjoyment of Tokachi Winter World , observing wild birds seen during their wintering period, and riding dog sleds through the magnificent nature and wildlife of the Tokachi Plain.

Sapporo Nanseki: A Timeless Legacy Chitose & Sapporo Guided Walking Tour

Enjoy activities in the great outdoors on this walking course as you experience Hokkaido history and culture.