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Red-crowned crane in Tsurui village
Hideo Kishimoto

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Within Hokkaido's rich nature lies plentiful wildlife, along with unique cultures that originate from said nature.
Under the guidance of a specialist who appreciates them, you will come to know their beauty.

Brown bear
Brown bear
Shiretoko Nature Office Co., Ltd.
A bear watching cruise in Shiretoko, the ideal habitat for brown bears
Mitsuki Matsuda
Mitsuki Matsuda
Director of Shiretoko Nature Office / Chairman of Japan Ecotourism Society / Advisor on the Promotion of Ecotourism for the Ministry of the Environment / Vice Chairman of Shiretoko Shari-cho Tourist Association
Hokkaido: An incredible region of Japan
Nicolas Deschamps
Producer and head of international coproductions at Gedeon Programmes
Drift ice
Drift ice
Shiretoko Shari-cho Tourist Association
The frozen sea: The mysteries of the Sea of Okhotsk
Takayuki Shiraiwa
Takayuki Shiraiwa
Associate Professor, Dr. at the Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University
Yezo sciurus vulgaris orientis in snow
Hideo Kishimoto
Hokkaido is a tourist destination with immense value for wildlife watchers
Nobuhiko Tanaka
Professor at the Tokai University School of Tourism

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We introduce a model itinerary to enjoy the nature of Hokkaido.
Hokkaido is just an hour and a half from Tokyo by plane, or four hours by bullet train, so you can easily experience the nature of Hokkaido on an overnight or two-night trip.